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  • Kingston
  • 91 km2 (35.1 sq mi)
  • 28°C, Wind NW
  • Mon 12:19 am
  • JMD
  • Patois
  • 666,041

General Information About Kingston

Kingston is the capital of the island of Jamaica, lying on its southeast coast. In the city center, the Bob Marley Museum is housed in the reggae singer’s former home. Nearby, Devon House is a colonial-era mansion with period furnishings. Hope Botanical Gardens & Zoo showcases native flora and fauna. Northeast of the city, the Blue Mountains are a renowned coffee-growing region with trails and waterfalls

Who We Are?

The city proper is bounded by Six Miles to the west, Stony Hill to the north, Papine to the northeast and Harbour View to the east, communities in urban and suburban Saint Andrew. Communities in rural St. Andrew such as Gordon Town, Mavis Bank, Lawrence Tavern, Mt. Airy and Bull Bay would not be described as being in Kingston city. Two parts make up the central area of Kingston: the historic Downtown, and New Kingston. Both are served by Norman Manley International Airport and also by the smaller and primarily domestic Tinson Pen Aerodrome.

Sports Played in Jamaica

Jamaica plays many sports such as cricket, football (soccer), track and fields, netball, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf and boxing

About Jamaican Sport

Sport in Jamaica is a significant part of Jamaican culture. The most popular sports are mostly imported from Britain. The most popular sport are athletics and association football; other popular sports include cricket, basketball and netball (usually for women). Jamaica is one of the leading countries in sprinting with the current world record holder for 100m and 200m, Usain Bolt and the former 100m world record holder, Asafa Powell, both originating from the island. Yohan Blake, silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympics in the 100m and 200m hailed from Jamaica also. Also, a team of four Jamaicans, Bolt included (Powell being absent in Daegu 2011 due to injury), won the gold and broke the World Record in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2011 IAAF World Athletics Championships, their new personal best being 37.04, from 37.10 in 2008

Jamaica Culture and History

Whether they are the descendants of the colonists or recent immigrants from the Middle East, people of all nationalities live and work together in Jamaica. Cultures have been mingling on Jamaica's shores for hundreds of years. And while this mixture inspires pride, it is also the source of Jamaica's characteristically brassy banter that, to an outsider, might seem inappropriate at times. The Taíno, who inhabited the island long before European discovery, also left behind a cultural history.


It may come as a shock to some visitors, but Jamaica has a very rich theater history. The island's first theater opened back in the 17th century, hosting theater troops from Europe and America.

Jamaican Music

Where would dancer's be if it weren't for music, the most popular form of Jamaican music is reggae, which has a sound is so easy to enjoy that it has gained popularity throughout the world. Many reggae musicians have grown to international fame, most notably Bob Marley, who worked with and influenced many other local musicians before his death in 1981.

Visual Arts

Jamaicans take pride in their artistic style. Influenced by the island's unique culture as well as European, American, and African art forms, islanders have mastered a style all their own.

Kingston Nightlife

Visitors to Kingston, Jamaica can enjoy a wide variety of nightlife in tourist-centered areas, but without awareness of local trends, you may find yourself lost in the big city. To avoid getting lost or wasting your time, it is probably a good idea to ask your hotel concierge where the local hot spots are (and are not).



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